Fast, efficient and it comes with a range of benefit. That is one way of introducing the new BLK2GO mobile imaging laser scanner from Leica Geosystems. This Leica extends the award-winning BLK range to 4 devices. BLK360, BLK3D, BLK247 and BLK2GO

This compact handheld scanner offers surveyors a greater degree of movability, something surveyors are not used too. Objects that were in challenging positions can now be captured without trouble by simply walking up to the object or area with the BLK2GO scanner and capturing the data on the move.

No more extra setups for objects around a corner, inside another room or hidden behind other objects. With its GRANDSLAM technology (a combination of high-speed dual-axis LiDAR, multicamera vision system and integrated IMU) the BLK2GO is a self-navigating unit, calculating the route as you move along and you can keep track of areas you have scanned on the Field360 app as you go.

The BLK2GO captures 420 000 points per second and records a video using its 12-megapixel camera for high-contrast imagery on the go, delivering a fully colourized point cloud and panoramic images when the survey is complete making it perfect for reality capture projects.

I found this device to be a breath of fresh air when I took it into an underground mine to capture detail for a new pipe routing. With only oddly shaped mine tunnels and no real features to keep track of itself the survey that would have taken me a week to do with a Terrestrial laser scanner was completed in 5 easy walks up and down the area of interest.

The only thing more surprising then the unit itself was the ease of the process and the accuracy. Leica has put a lot of time into making the experience as streamline and user friendly as possible.

I’ll give it two thumbs up!!!