Utility scanning is the process of identifying and labelling public utility mains that are underground. These mains may include lines for telecommunication,  electricity distribution, natural gas, cable television, fibre optics, traffic lights,  street lights, storm drains, water mains,  and wastewater pipes.

  • Visual inspection of all utilities
  • GPR Scanning to trace all non-conductive utilities
  • Radio detection scanner to trace all conductive / charged utilities
  • Clamping and tracing of all electrified cables
  • Double scanning for all linear utilities and obstructions
  • Detailed surveying of all located utilities for an accurate representation

Public services are often run underground and before digging, contractors or local municipalities often require that the underground services be located and mapped to protect and prevent damage to the services and the surrounding environment.

This service has proven invaluable in the preservation of services and the safety of employees and communities.