We have all done this, we are only human after all. I call it RPC, starting a project in Revit, Panicking when the deadline is upon you, you then quickly jump over to CAD to finish the work on time. Plans, sections & elevations do not match, but the work looks complete until it gets scrutinized by your client that can read and understand your presentation…..in other words, your work is not complete.

It is not the same old same old “but this way works”. It is all about moving with the times, the 4th Industrial Revolution.

“Going Revit” is not easy and on top of that a big financial investment, not knowing the outcome of this uncharted territory.

Us as consultants needs to understand that workflows and your way of thinking of how things used to get done in 2D, does not work the same way anymore.

We all get sold this perfect world idea where Revit is this amazing tool, which it is, only if you open your mind to change and stick with it during the hard times. Learn to embrace and master this new way of thinking. You are not drawing anymore; you are building this building in a virtual world.

With a workflow change, payments percentages also need to change per stage which is where things become tricky. Ask any Developer out there. It makes things extremely difficult to sell BIM to your client on how he could save so much money using BIM workflows if you do not understand it yourself.

Work Smart, not Hard.