Our inner cities have been for the most part largely abandoned left to the elements and vandals, in recent times there has been a determined effort by Government and the Private sector to reclaim abandoned and unused buildings within the inner city and repurpose once used office spaces into affordable accommodation developments.

One such client of ours wanted to repurpose one of their buildings in the inner city. Due to the rapid changes in technology, it was no longer required to house massive servers this space now will be repurposed for residential development. As in most cases due to the age of the building, there are no updated architectural, structural, or mechanical plans available. We were tasked to do a complete as-built of the site using a combination of our NavVis Mapper and conventional 3D Static scanning.

Our client can now from the comfort of his office use our NavVis Indoor Viewer to conduct his condition assessments, as well as calculate dimensions and areas.

Realistic 3D buildings.

Point clouds are often limited to professionals working with floorplans and BIM models. With NavVis IndoorViewer, point clouds are transformed into web-based, fully immersive 3D buildings that let every stakeholder explore and interact with scanned spaces as if they are on site.

  • Intuitive display of realistic 360° walkthroughs, point clouds, and customizable floorplans

  • User-friendly functionality that makes it easy to view, add, search for and route to building information
  • Online access and interactive tools that improve scan project collaboration and efficiency
  • Easy to use tool for the measuring of distance and area straight from the web interface

In addition to the NavVis IndoorViewer, we delivered an accurate detailed 3D Revit Model that will be used for space planning, architectural design leading ultimately to the construction plans.