With the City of Johannesburg undergoing phase 2 of a massive rejuvenation push to stimulate the economy, create low-cost housing and take back hijacked buildings in the CBD, large property development agencies are lighting up to sky-line with massive renovation projects creating a sense of hope that there is a future for the youth of South Africa.

Jewel City’s renovation project of 6 city blocks is the star attraction coming in at R2 billion, with ABSA tower, Maboneng and Newtown all alive and buzzing with construction activity with more to still be announced.

Having worked on a dozen of these projects as a surveyor, LASER SCANNING made it possible to capture existing site conditions of these old deteriorating buildings fast and effectively in high accuracy, without the need to head back to site for any missed detail.

Because so much information is captured with the laser scanner you will be able to see where walls aren’t straight, floors are not level and all existing electrical and HVAC systems are that was never indicated on any as-built drawings. That is if there are any as-built drawings available which is usually not the case with these older buildings.

Using the point cloud data produced by the laser scanner, new as-built drawings can be created by feature extraction in AutoDesk Revit®, creating a new set of accurate drawing the Architects can use to imagine, visualize and design the new look rejuvenated buildings, adding colour back into what was a dull and colourless Joburg CBD.