NavVis launches its first wearable mobile indoor scanning solution: the NavVis VLX. The NavVis VLX extends the functionality and flexibility from the previous NavVis M3 and NavVis M6 models. This mobile “upgrade” is designed to enable large scale indoor as-built surveys with minimal time and effort. Thanks to the wearable solution, the user can capture as-built information faster without having to deal with terrain obstacles usually found at construction sites.

The NavVis VLX is an exciting solution for Architects and Engineers working on a large-scale project. With its intuitive and user-friendly functionality and wireless operation allows users to work faster and smarter while achieving higher quality scanning results. The user can see in real-time on any mobile device which areas have already been scanned and where they still need to capture data.

With the wearable solution, the user can capture complex areas up to 10 times faster than with conventional static scans and still offer survey-grade accuracies. The NavVis Indoor Viewer processes the data from the NavVis VLX into a Google street view like web-based deliverable, without a need to install any software or upgrade PC performance capabilities. The scan results can also be imported into any 3D CAD software to generate 2D floor plans or Digital-twins, optimizing the Scan-to-BIM workflow.

The real power of NavVis solution does not lie with its industry-leading slam technology, survey-grade point cloud or with the 360-degree high-resolution panoramic images. I believe the power lies with the NavVis indoor viewer and its vast capabilities to help people work together, but I will leave that for another timeā€¦.