The importance of scalability has become a key feature when dealing with BIM and the 3D environment. It has become widely adopted especially in situations where upgrading/renovating condition assessment is the end goal.

Two years ago, we at Advance3D were tasked with mapping a provincial hospital, to capture and measure the architectural elements. We generated a Revit 3D model that enabled the architects to have an as-built of the existing structural elements as there was very limited information available on this specific site. As an additional service we provided the architects with a NavVis IndoorViewer, we mapped the entire precinct with the NavVis M3 at the time. This innovative technology enabled the client to have a fully immersive 3D web-based interface that allows every stakeholder to explore and interact with scanned spaces as if they are on-site. The web interface is used for condition assessment, verifying on-site elements and a lot more. Each stakeholder from fire engineers, building inspectors, occupational health and safety practitioners could all collaborate without the cost of going to the site individually having to do their assessments.

Most recently after the initial as-built phase, the architects used the initial data to design the upgrades that were needed by the provincial health department, adding new buildings and upgrading the existing buildings, it was at this time we were approached by the client to introduce the MEP part of the project, knowing where your piping, electrical, trussing ties into your new design is crucial to the success of the integrated project of old and New. We had all the architectural elements from the first order, once the budget was approved for the upgrade they now needed to return to the site to capture all the services.

After the field data was captured we were able to seamlessly stitch the additional point cloud data into the original model to draw in all the MEP components, the result was a fully integrated model, a core value of Advance3D is walking a journey with our clients from inception to ultimate completion through the span as in this case several years.